About the Artist

Herman ‘Zelig’ Neuberger is an accomplished multimedia artist who has practiced architecture and art for more than 40 years. His early years as an artist were spent in Illinois. Since 1977, Herman has settled in Arizona, where his artistic talents are expressed through his clay and metal sculptures, watercolor, ink sketching and pencil drawings.

Herman currently resides in Maricopa, Arizona and focus’ on his Pencil drawings and his Copper Tree sculpture. The Pencil drawings are so near photographic detail with unique perspective, they set Herman apart from his contemporaries. The Copper Tree sculptures are built upon a piece of Driftwood, Grapevine, or Ironwood, and copper wire and river rock are used to create the forest of copper trees. These trees were haled one of the most unique works of art ever seen.

In his later years of artistry, Herman adopted his middle name of ‘Zelig’ for his Pen(cil) name signature.